Sunday, February 21, 2010

Issue 4- New Look Coming


I never stayed down to a certain technique or style. I'm always trying to re-invent myself or try something that I think would be beneficial to the piece I working or will work on. From the last issue, I gave the news that I will have my 1st wave of web comics coming in late March early April. It's considered my own "PILOT" season. Also I am dabbing into more Graphic design pieces to expand my portfolio. So stayed to for a series of new pieces in the upcoming issues and on my deviant art page which I have a link to on the Blog now. Also take a look at some samples of my motion graphics samples on my youtube page (link also available on the blog)

Leave comments and/or suggestions. I enjoy constructive criticism

NEXT ISSUE: Want a Piece of Custom artwork... Contact Info and Rates coming next Issue.

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