Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(Cover to Issue 1- Art belongs to DC comics)

Hey There Fans,

I felt like sharing to my fellow comic community. Those who aren't into comics, that's ok. I won't be neglecting you. But as many comic readers know today is New comics day and a happy day for many readers, Such as myself.

Today in the comic world ends the story-line of one of the Best events from DC COMICS and that is Blackest Night,Written by Geoff Johns and incredible art by Ivan Reis. It is a 8 issue miniseries that involves a personified force of death resurrecting deceased superheroes and seeking to eliminate all life and emotion from the universe.
(Thanks wiki for the synopsis) So I just finished reading the final issue and I have to what an ending! Amazing! I'm not going to give any spoilers, But pick up this is book and you will enjoy every second. The story is action packed and has an amazing theme of Hope. Don't even get me started on the Visuals.. Incredible! Every panels and splash page is jaw-dropping.

So pick BLACKEST NIGHT in your local comic book store and become an avid reader... and look forward to BRIGHTEST DAY coming out this month.

Next Issue... I will show my latest logo and a couple new pieces and a small interview with yours truly.

Take care readers.

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