Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Doctor is in!

        I wanted to do a special post because I just had to share how awesome my show, Doctor Who, is. 
It is now on series 5 (season 5 for us americans lol) but it has been amazing so far. It's about a time traveling Time Lord who calls himself, The Doctor, and travels with his companion and goes on all sorts of mysteries and adventures through time and space. It is an amazing and fun show. It plays on BBC One on Saturdays. I started when it was the ninth Doctor... Oh By the way He doesn't die but regenerates into a new face, so just in case you are confused. But my true favorite doctor is and will always be the 10th Doctor who was played by David Tennant. His role and performances as the Doctor was beyond amazing.

     Now we have a new Doctor and a new Companion. And I am still loving my show. The chemistry between them are great and the stories so far are really something so far.

So enough rambling from me and check it out for yourself. Its always an adventure.

The Doctor is in.

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