Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Are GLEE!

  I recently became a fan of the show Glee and I have to say I really enjoy this show. I have never seen a show that has combined music and comedy so well as they have for a weekly television show. I love the music that they have used so far especially my favorite song, Don't Stop Believing. What's great about watching this show is how we can relate to the characters in some form or another. I not only meaning the superficial reasons but the more emotional aspects. I mean, it's been a few years since the good old days of high school for me, but I can relate to the characters in a way that we are all different. I'm no singer, but being an artist it has its own passion and challenges. I love my art, it's my passion and I strive to be better at it and I am most happy when I'm sitting and creating and piece of art and getting my creative juices flowing. We all have this one thing that truly makes us happy and we want to show and share it with the world what it is. So why not? Show your talents and don't be afraid. I encourage you to stay positive and share you amazing talents to the world or someone close to you. Sometimes we lose track of that or someone may bring us down because they don't see it like we do. Don't stop believing in yourself and don't give up your passion.

  I get inspired by many things. This show inspires me. Inspires me to never give up what I love to do and though their will be challenges, they will be overcome.

Watch Glee on Tuesdays on FOX at 9:00. It's a feel good show and these actors and actresses voices are amazing. They do a terrific job.

'Nuff rambling from me again.. Go watch the show.

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