Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost: A bittersweet yet Epic Series End.

To my Fellow Lost fans, 

       Just hours ago, I experienced the bittersweet ending to my favorite show of all time, Lost. I say bittersweet because of course I didn't want it to end but it ended so well. So much emotion and thought was put into this show that it was overwhelmingly filled with excitement and intrigue that captivated you  week for six incredible years. And I got into the show by chance to watch the trailer of the 1st Ironman during one of these episodes. The episode was called, "The Constant" and let me tell you that was an incredible episode to get started on. From that episode I had to know this series from the beginning and I literally netflixed and inter-webbed the whole series for 3 days straight. I took days off work because I couldn't stop watching it. When one episode finished, I clicked next and kept watching until I was caught up with the current episode. 
        I'm glad I did, this show is a phenomenon. It was and will always be epic and groundbreaking. The Cast of character and amazing storytelling that these creators created truly are all genius in their own right. Especially the development and struggle they put each character through and the backstories they each had. Jack, Kate, Hurly, Claire, Locke, Sayid, Ben Linus, Sawyer, Jin and Sun, Desmond, Charley, and the list goes on and on. Every character was important and the mystery that surrounded them even more so. This show created more questions and had such a mystery that I have never seen on any other show out there and even in the finale, they created questions. ( But that is for another Discussion.) 
      For six years you got to invest in some pretty remarkable characters and on a mystery that will never be completely solved, though somehow thats ok. I will miss this show but thank god for season dvd and I will relive the amazing story one day again. And I want to give a big applause to the creators and actors/actresses that brought life to these characters each week for six years. Thank you for an amazing job. Good luck on the next chapter in your careers and lives. 

Thanks my goodbye to Lost, and a tribute will be coming soon via web comic or motion graphic. 

night all, 


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