Friday, January 7, 2011


All right comic lovers,

I just started reading this past week of comics and so far so good... It was a bit sad because one of my favorite titles had published its final issue. WILDCATS, the flagship title of Wildstorm, came to its end after 18 years worth of amazing stories and artwork. It ended well, and I look forward to it returning one day cause I know it will come back. I want to thank Jim Lee and Brandon Choi for creating a set of characters that I have grown to enjoy and wished it didn't end. If you want to get into the series I recommend to start at the beginning I will post the first issues online soon ... cause I know its rare to find now.

The next issue I read was Ultimate Captain America #1, Written by Jason Aaron and draw by Ron Garney. I recently became a fan of (Ron) Garney's artwork when he did his run on Wolverine: Weapon X, another great series by the way, because I love his gritty and penciled style. It has this real world feel to it. Best way to describe this issue is Ultimate Captain America of WWII against the Captain America of the Vietnam War. It was completely action packed and the story is off to a great start. 

Your Preview. 

Here is the link to download this issue. Enjoy.

More comic reviews will be coming on Sunday. 

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