Saturday, January 8, 2011

COMICS OF THE WEEK: Graphic Novel Review #1

Better late than never to post my review of one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2010, SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE. When I first heard that the were retelling a superman origin story I was skeptical, because there has been so many origin reboots to the boy scout recently but then I heard it was to be a modern take on the character in a "new universe", "Our universe" of sorts. I was now intrigued and was looking forward to seeing what they were coming up with. Then I saw the cover, I was blown away. Drawn by superstar artist Shane Davis, I was hooked to see what he was going to bring to this book. His work is so detailed and realistic that I'm trying to achieve a style similar, with my own twist. Now comes the story. I am a fan of J. Michael Straczynski, JMS, especially when he was on Amazing Spiderman. His writing is also very realistic and has a great way to stay ground to the "real world." So I knew this was going be a great book. After seeing all the online and televised publicity, This book was getting some serious heat of anticipation and I couldn't wait to get my copy. I pre-ordered it and when I got it, I didn't put that book down. I will not give anything away but I was very pleased on how modern and more realistic it was. I did have some points that I was a little "ify" about but overall I loved it. This was a good modern retelling of the Superman origin. I wish we had more GN like this and I hope this is a beginning of a new comic trend. 

I recently read that JMS and Shane are going to be jumping right into the second book to the series and I wonder what they come up with next. So good job DC Comics and keep it up. 

Here is a preview and link to download and read the story. I still recommend you buying this GN and having it in your personal collection. Enjoy.

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