Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year. A New Direction.

Happy New Year!

         Hope your ready for what's in stored next. With every new year, changes come along with it. Life of LC is about to experience some changes. Some nice new additions that I enjoy and I hope you will enjoy it too. Let's start, let me introduce the first addition.
       As you know I love comics and I read tons of books a week and I thought why not share my top books of that week. Let me introduce, COMICS OF THE WEEK. Every week I will post my Top 5 picks of the week. I will give a brief description (no spoilers) and a 3 page preview and I will also occasionally post a link of the entire come itself. I haven't bought comics in some time, but I do download them. So much thanks to the people who take the time to scan these books, much respect to them. I hope you enjoy and become a avid reader.

       Next Up.. Allow me to introduce SKETCHES OF THE DAY. This will be a little tricky at first, since I finally got out of my art funk. But I am back in the game and you will see the beginning process of some future pieces or just some randomness. I will warming up with some traditional and digital sketches to get my creative juices flowing. I would also love to read any comments and constructive crits.

       The next addition is TUTORIALS OF THE WEEK. I enjoy tutorials as much as the next artist because most are fun, helpful and informative. I've found some great tutorial sites and I would love to share the ones that catch my eye. If you are a Avid user or a beginner and wants to learn something new, I will post something for everyone. I will post a pic of the tutorial and the link to the site.

I will introduce more additions in due time but lets start with these. I will continue to post my thoughts on life and randomness but I will do it a little more regularly. This is a beginning to a positive and fun year, Join me and enjoy.

Let's get started.



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